Table of Contents – Universal Scams And Fraud Detection

Here is the table of contents for Universal Scams And Fraud Detection, giving you an idea of the range of topics covered in the book.

Technical Fraud Management

  1. Introduction
  2. Why Criminals Commit Fraud
  3. Financial Institution Fraud Prevention Model
  4. The Implementation of a European Multiple Country Fraud Strategy
  5. Cross Border Multiple Jurisdiction Investigations
  6. How to Recognise a Fraud Predator
  7. Terrorist Financing by Fraud
  8. Interview Techniques
  9. Surveillance

Universal Fraud & Scams

  1. Retail Theft
  2. Employee Theft
  3. Identity Theft
  4. Insurance Fraud
  5. Banks, Credit Cards & Cybercrime
  6. Car Scams
  7. Fraud of the Elderly
  8. Internet Dating – Love Rats
  9. Fraud Terminology