Someone Has Taken My Place

Someone Has Taken My Place Book Cover

Inspired by a true story and written by the international award winning former Pinkerton Detective.

Someone Has Taken My Place is an epic account of identity thefts and multiple insurance fraud. Private investigator Andy Stone is on the trail of the serial fraudster the Texan Cowboy. Expert in fraud investigation, Stone is obsessed with obtaining justice for the vulnerable citizens whose identities have been taken.

Follow his chase across Europe and the United States of America as, with the help of FBI, ex-KGB, Interpol and CIA agents, Stone pieces together the international conman’s tortuous spider’s web of illegal aliases and criminal intent.

What is the evil secret at the heart of the multiple identity thefts and will Stone catch the Cowboy in time for justice to be served?

Join in the international investigation which must succeed for the truth to be revealed.

Book Reviews

“This book is an excellent mystery…non-stop ride through the ruthless world of identity theft…smart and emotional novel” – Pacific Book Reviews
“an electrifying true-life account of identity theft” Customer Review
“like a Sherlock Holmes novel […] the writer surely has a way with words” – Book And Ink Review

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